Deciding to Airbnb your property can be a daunting task, however very rewarding both financially and personally. The fun part is looking after your guests once they have arrived to ensure they have an enjoyable stay and want to come back again and again.The difficult part is often making sure your home is ‘guest ready’ and this can be a very time consuming and a frustrating task.
As super hosts we have put together some ideas to help you, which we know from experience, will assist you in getting positive reviews and high ratings.
What do I do first?
  • Put yourself in potential guests’ shoes.What do you value when holidaying in an apartment?
  • Ensure your place is:spotlessly clean, uncluttered, decorated well and has adequate space for guests to hang clothes and their personal items.
  • Less is more!Guests like to feel that their accomodation is a home away from home and not in someone else’s home.Make sure personal photos and memorabilia are boxed away.
What do guests like?
  • Guests feel welcome when hosts add little touches like a jug of milk, butter and bread in the fridge, coffee, tea and sugar in the pantry and even extras like oil.
  • Our Host Your Home company provide these consumables when we manage properties on Airbnb and also include other items, such as dishwashing liquid, clothes detergent, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Add extra treats such as bottle of wine, chocolates and a must have for a pet friendly property is ‘the bone’.
How do I set up my home?
  • Have a keen eye for detail! Little ornaments maybe cherished by you, but may look like clutter to a guest. It is a better idea to keep treasures in a box away to prevent breakages and provide a clean space for your guests to enjoy
  • Make available books and games for the rainy day
What is a welcome book?
  • Create a welcome book. You can google tourist attractions and download photos to your welcome book, so it looks attractive. Guests love reading about the ‘local’ places to go that are usually visited only by locals. I personally appreciate finding those little streams and waterfalls that are not usually advertised in brochures. Sometimes even the locals don’t know all the ‘local’ haunts!
  • Add popular places to buy coffee, listen to live music and a list of the best restaurants in town.
  • Visit the local tourist information centres to collect brochures about popular tourist venues. Some of these brochures add discounts.
What house rules should I provide?
  • It is important to list the rules of your property. Over a few days write down the correct ways of using everyday appliances such as the coffee machine and the washing machine. Such items can be difficult for visitors to use and require simple instructions.

When we manage properties we not only provide rules to a welcome book, but we can attach a short video about how to operate devices. We also offer guests a personal welcome and show them around.

Remember guests will return to your property if they have created positive memories. It’s the extra thoughtful touches that encourage guests to give you five star ratings and great reviews.

For more information about how we can help you prepare your property, for Airbnb please get in contact!