How to choose an Airbnb Manager?

How to choose a Good Airbnb Management Company?

There are many Airbnb Management companies available to help you look after your property. Choosing the right company will save you time and earn you more money.

The following information will give you some ideas to think about when choosing a management company:

• more time available for you
• a clean home for you all year round, properties are cleaned to a high standard after guests depart
• Choosing a company who is awarded Superhost status, assists you in getting more bookings. It ensures your property will be looked after to a very high standard to have continued 4 and 5 stars ratings and very good reviews. When guests choose accommodation, they often filter property searches by selecting super host status properties and then book within this select group
• professionals can handle home maintenance, repairs and gardening
• response to quest inquiries within the hour which assists in increased bookings
• 24/7 contact if required
• liaison with Airbnb and Homeaway to deal with any difficulties, handle insurance claims
• networking with local tradespeople if required
• regular monitoring of nightly rates for increased occupancy

If choosing a company without thorough research property owners may experience problems such as:

• lower occupancy and nightly rates
• bad guest reviews
• no personal touch with guests
• stolen or damaged items going unnoticed

Small versus Large Airbnb Property Management Company

Generally smaller companies have an invested interest to ensure property owners get bookings as much as possible as their payment relies directly on the success of individual listings.

In larger companies, they have a process and the listing either does well or not and it doesn’t make financial sense for them to devote many resources to figuring out why a listing is struggling. Also the attention to guests and owners is reduced as they are often unable to offer the personalised service smaller companies can provide. Larger companies are often based in big cities and don’t know the area as well as owners of smaller companies. Many larger companies are focused on data, whereas smaller companies are focused on providing outstanding customer service, so guests book again and again.

Smaller companies are often local, therefore have contacts to assist guests with information and also assist owners when maintenance is required.

Consult online Reviews

The company must have an online presence even if they are small. It is important to check reviews of past guests and property owners.

An online review site gives you peace of mind and allows them to demonstrate to future hosts (e.g. you) that they have prior hosts who are very happy with them.

Consult the companies website. Check the reviews left by guests and property owners.

Check to see where properties are listed. Do managers just use one short term booking site or several? Eg Air Bnb and Homeaway

How to find a property manager?

Google is a great place to start, but beware that big companies often pay for expensive ads which rank high on the google search engine. Don’t be tricked, as many great smaller companies may provide an excellent service but are not number one when searching for Air Bnb managers.

Ask for references, telephone or written and ask the questions to referees such as “What does this company do that is special for guests? How do they go above and beyond for their clients the property owners?

Questions to ask your potential Airbnb property manager

  1. Do you monitor guest reviews?
  2. Do you check that guests have identification?
  3. Can you give me references, phone numbers of clients who would be happy to share their hosting experiences with you?
  4. Is there a contract that clients sign for management of your property for a period of time?
  5. Are you asked to be a cohost to manage your property so you can see conversations between guests and the managers?
  6. Will you manager help you set up your property on short term sites, e.g. shopping, staging property?
  7. Do the managers do spot checks on properties to make sure cleaning is of an exceptional standard?
  8. Do managers negotiate prices if guests ask for ‘special offers’?
  9. How transparent is the communication between guests and managers?

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